patient inserts an Invisalign clear aligner tray into mouth

What is Invisalign & How Does it Work?

Team Invisalign

You may have heard Invisalign’s slogan, the “clear alternative to braces.” Many patients are opting for this treatment over traditional braces because it is virtually invisible. It is available for children, teens, and adults. Invisalign can treat many common orthodontic issues including crowding, overbite, and more. 

But what exactly is Invisalign and how does it work? If you’re considering this treatment for yourself or your child, here’s what you need to know. 

The Invisalign Method

The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to shift the teeth into the correct positions in your mouth for optimal bite alignment, chewing capabilities, and dental health. Invisalign does this by way of clear plastic trays called aligners that fit over your teeth. You wear each aligner for a designated amount of time and then switch to the next one in order. By the time you have moved through your entire set of aligners, your teeth will be in the desired position. Invisalign shifts the teeth gently and gradually for a comfortable experience. 

The key to successful Invisalign treatment is wearing your aligners as much as possible, ideally as much as 22 hours a day. You should only remove them when you eat and brush your teeth. You’ll also wear them when you sleep. 

Benefits of Invisalign

There are numerous benefits to Invisalign treatment. Invisalign is: 

  • Virtually Invisible. The clear aligners fit snugly to your teeth and are almost completely invisible. Most people won’t notice that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. 
  • Comfortable. The aligners are made of smooth, flexible plastic that won’t irritate your mouth in most cases. 
  • Convenient. You can remove your aligners to eat and brush your teeth, which makes them extremely convenient. You won’t have to give up any foods you love. 
  • Fast. You will most likely be able to complete your treatment in less time than with traditional braces. 
  • Comparable to the Cost of Braces. Invisalign treatment typically falls within the same cost range as traditional braces. 

The Invisalign Process 

When you choose Invisalign treatment, the following process ensues:

  • Evaluation. The first step is an evaluation of your teeth to determine whether or not your orthodontic issues can be corrected by Invisalign. This step will involve taking digital images and impressions of your teeth and jaw. Our office is able to capture the impressions digitally with the use of an intra-oral scanner, so “no more goop”. 
  • Your treatment plan is created. Computer software is used to create an individualized treatment plan that will correct the orthodontic issues present. 
  • You preview your smile transformation. You can view a preview of the transformation your teeth will make from the beginning to the end of your treatment. 
  • Your aligners are created. The complete set of aligners you will need for your entire treatment plan are created in a lab and sent back to your dentist’s office. 
  • You wear your aligners. You will be responsible for wearing your aligners according to your dentist’s instructions throughout your treatment. This is the only way your treatment will be successful. 
  • You wear your retainers. When your treatment is complete and your teeth are in the desired positions in your mouth, you will need to wear retainers for a while to keep them from shifting back to their former positions. 

Is Invisalign Right For You? 

Not all patients are ideal candidates for Invisalign. While Invisalign can correct most orthodontic issues including crowding, gaps, overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite, there are some cases that require traditional braces. Invisalign also requires responsibility from the patient to wear and keep track of their aligners. This is especially important when considering Invisalign for younger children. It is best to have an evaluation and discuss the pros and cons with your dentist before making a decision about orthodontic treatment. 

Nowak Family Dental Provides Invisalign Treatment 

One of the biggest advantages of Invisalign is that you can get this treatment through your dentist. Many dental practices offer Invisalign because it does not require the same level of expertise that traditional braces do. Dentists can easily design and monitor your Invisalign treatment. 

Nowak Family Dental provides Invisalign for patients who are candidates for this type of orthodontic treatment. Call 781-662-9119 today to schedule a consultation or request an appointment. We look forward to helping you with your smile transformation.