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How to Choose A Qualified Dentist for Your Family

Team General Dentistry

It is important to stay on top of your family’s dental health. The first step to doing so is finding a family dentist. As your family begins to have regular visits, trips to the dentist’s office can be viewed as a place of comfort where your personal dental needs are understood. 

Dental fear is a very real thing for many people, so developing healthy habits along with a healthy relationship with a dentist can be the foundation for lifelong oral health. 

But you can’t just choose any dentist, right? Here’s how to choose a qualified dentist for your family. 

Word of Mouth Recommendations

It is always good to ask those around you for recommendations when looking for a new dentist. Co-workers, neighbors, friends, and others in the community may have a dentist that they love - and may be willing to share the information. 

Ask around and see what you find out - and start making a list. Ask what it is they like about their dentist. Then, do your own research. While it is always good to get that personal, insider information about a dental office, you never want to make your selection based solely on someone else’s opinion or experience. 

Word-of-mouth recommendations can give you a great starting point. 

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Next, take those names you have received, and do a little Google search. See what you find as far as reviews and testimonials. Again, you never want to base your decision on these things, but you may come across some stellar reviews -- or some serious red flags. 

Review the Services Offered

Thanks to the ease of the internet, nearly all dental offices have their own website. Take a look around it and pay close attention to the services offered. Having a dentist that can take care of your issues and needs or one that can guide you to appropriate specialists iis important.

If you have any special needs,  you want to make sure they accommodate them here, as well. 

Book a Consultation

When you have narrowed down your list, booking a consultation is a great way to get in there and see if it is going to be a good fit. Check out the vibe in the office from the moment you walk in the door. What is the culture like?

As you meet with the dentist, the hygienist, and other staff members - is everyone nice? Do you feel comfortable in the surroundings? If you have kids, you may want to make this appointment for your child so you both get a feel. After all, you want to make sure your kid will be willing to come back without a lot of hassle. 

Pay attention to the level of technology in the office. Does it appear to be up-to-date? Is the dentist still stuck in decades past? You want someone who has advanced technology because it is a good sign that the procedures they use are probably current with advances in our field.

If you find your visit is a good experience - and you feel confident in the dentist - then you may have found your new family dentist! 

Nowak Family Dental is Your Qualified Family Dentist

Nowak Family Dental is your full-service dental office in the heart of Melrose, MA. We use state-of-the-art technology and treat patients of all ages. Our friendly, professional staff is always there to make every visit a pleasant one from the moment you arrive at the office. 

If you are looking for a qualified family dentist, Nowak Family Dental would love to be your choice. Dr. Magdalena Nowak, DDS has a strong background in dentistry and is always pursuing additional trainings and education, is an active member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, American Dental Association, Massachusetts Dental Society, among others. Her qualifications are the perfect fit for your family’s dentist to have. 

Why not book a consultation? 

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